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Creative Minds Session 8

This week we started with a litle exercise to get the creative juices flowing. It's a fun one you might like to try yourself: we partnered up and then each person thought of a word, partners tell each other their word and the task is to draw whatever image comes to mind when the two words are combined. So, If I say "Whiskey" and you say "Rabbit", then we each have to draw what comes to mind when we think about "Whiskey-Rabbit"! 

See if you can guess the words from the pictures below. Some of them are easier than others,  but the fun comes from seeing how different people's minds work.








After the initial exercise, we returned to personal practice, with a focus on developing the themes that have arisen (consciously or otherwise) in the work. Some of us used their sketches as a base for this, and others resumed earlier works.














(And in case you didn't get it, the words for the first two were "Round" & "Homestead", the next two were "Open" & "Seed", and the last two were "Instrument" & "Tree".)

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