The Minister's Daughter

This week our Cowal Connections social was joined by some regulars and some new attendees, one of whom is the lady who married the Minister's son. Not the current minister of course, but Reverend Gillen. We heard how the key to our Mausoleum used to be jealously guarded by the Campbells at Inveraray, and you had to get special permission to open the doors. She recalls being disappointed when she first saw inside! She also talked about getting the strap in Dunoon Grammar School, how you aren't tell your parents or they'd give you a hiding too!

Another new attendee treated us to a newspaper clipping detailing the occasion of the 9th Duke of Argyll's funeral and internment in the mausoleum, as well as some old postcards that told of a young man drowning in the river Echaig at Kilmun:

We learned how the flats at Kilmun Court used to be a convalescent home, and then during the 2nd World War, they housed the French Navy. Speaking of the war, there were a good few stories about watching the 'bouncing bomb' tests in Loch Striven, as well as boats in Holy Loch misfiring their torpedos: One of them harmlessly hit the sand at the top of the loch, but another hit a hotel at Hunter's Quay! Stories like this, naturally lead to reminiscing about watching the "fireworks" of the Greenock Blitz, from the relative safety of Blairmore and Strone. Here's a wee sample:

But it wasn't all war stories! There was plenty of laughter and some fun anecdotes about dances at Knockdow House and the Pavillion, as well as the goings on at the 10th Duke's funeral in 1949. And of course, there was cake! Thanks once again to Yolanda at Chouxmake's Cakes for keeping us in baked goods, and to Robin from Cowal Elderly Befrienders for facilitating.