Confessions in the tea rooms


Today was one of guilty secrets! One of our guests confessed that she'd accidentally gate-crashed a fundraising event at Kilmun Church way back when they were trying to rebuild the old bell tower. By her account, the main reason for the projects failure was the money spent on fancy chinaware to entertain their guests! And that wasn't the only confession: We also heard of one young lady attending a dance with soldiers from the P.O.W. camp at Glenbranter. She was still at school at the time but fibbed, to the gentleman she was dancing with, that she worked in an office in Dunoon. However, her wicked ways were exposed because the soldiers had a habit of catching the scholars bus up the road from Dunoon to Glenbranter, and our young lady used the same bus to get home to Strachur... it wasn't long before she and her dance partner crossed paths again, except this time she was in school uniform!

There were tales of a 20yr old houskeeper marrying her 80yr old master, because he preferred to leave his estate to her than to any of his family; we heard of how the Lamonts bought out Ross' Dairy after the war - and whilst they were happy to pay full wages to those absent due to sickness, they weren't interested in paying into the pension scheme for their employees! We also heard of one ladies' frustrated ambitions to work in the 'dope shop' in Glasgow. Alas, it was decreed she must stay in Dunoon and work in the launderette to keep the Navy officers in clean uniforms!

And if, like me, you're wondering what on earth a dope shop is, then perhaps you should join us next Friday afternoon from 2.30pm - 4pm and find out! We're looking to hear as many stories as possible, so please let your older relatives know what we're up to! We're short on male voices at the moment, so if you like the sound of this project, then please pester your Grandads and Great Uncle's to come along and have their story heard: any anecdotes about life in Kilmun, Dunoon and the Cowal region are welcome - we plan to record these stories, with the help of students from Dunoon Grammar School's history department; so your memories may be immoralized! Plus there's endless tea, and home baked cakes - what's not to like!