Cowal Connections Session 1


Tea & cake at historic kilmun

Our first project is underway and off to a great start. We had ten lovely ladies in attendence plus two volunteers from Cowal Elderly Befrienders, and two volunteers of our own, making sure that tea and cakes were always at hand. It being Friday the 13th, we did have one casualty - but don't worry, it was just a tea cup! Mind you, the cakes might have a different take on the casualty count... There was an abundance of cake to go around; scones and lemon-drizzle-poppy-cake donated by a Kilmun resident (thanks Kirsty!), carrot cake and lemon cake donated by Bookpoint, shortbread donated by a Friend of Historic Kilmun, as well as two loaf cakes (apple & toffee, and gingerbread) donated by Yolanda from Chouxmake's Cakes. It's safe to say that we were not short of sugar to fuel the conversations!


And the conversation is really why we gathered today: This project is all about collecting 'new' old stories of the area. The ancient stories we've already amassed are fascinating, and they're also often bloody and macabre. Today however, we heard tales of mischief and marriage, memories of Lamonts and life-boats, and stories of funerals and fake tan.

Yes, you heard me right. Apparently the chemist in dunoon used to make the best fake tan around. Although, sixty years ago they weren't calling it fake tan; it was it 'leg paint' and you used to apply it instead of wearing stockings on a night out! The fashion back then was to take a pencil and draw a line down the back of your leg, so that it looked like the seam on a pair of stockings. That's all well and good ladies, but what did you do when it was raining out?!  We'll have to wait til next week now to find out.

A big thanks to everyone who donated time or baked goods; we wouldn't be off to such a good start without you, and it's nice to see people coming together to help make this project a success. We're very grateful!

If you'd like to help out over the 11 remaining Friday sessions, then we'd love to hear from you. You just need to be good at making tea, or be a good listener. If you can do both then so much the better! And you're not required to commit to every session. We'd really like to get different people coming down to both share and listen to stories, so if you have memories of life in and around Kilmun - even if they seem commonplace and unimportant to you, we'd like to hear them so we can build up a rich picture of life after the wars and before the internet!