Creative Minds Session 7


For our third artist session we were treated to a pottery workshop with Moira Ferguson of Holy Loch Pottery. We were exploring the theme of masks, and the visage of The Geen Man fell in nicely with our environmental approach to these sesions. Moira got us from blocks of clay to recognizeable masks, decorated with natural motifs in no time at all.

After the pottery session, we went back to more personal, expressive works, with some people evolving earlier works and others creating something new. Click through to see a few pictures from the session.

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Creative Minds Session 6

This week saw us out in the countryside surrounding Uig Hall again. Emboldened by our creations last week, we were motivated to produce bigger, brighter installations. The area is quite popular with walkers and dog owners, and we received some very positive comments from passers by. Most of the work is still in place, so if you happen to be in the area, then do take a look. Hopefully it will raise a smile! All these intallations are temporary; although we've used some as inspiration for other pieces, which we hope to exhibit once the programme is finished.

Oh, and we were experimenting with the elements of eatrh, air, water and fire too; so there may have been a spot of arson thrown into the mix! I'll let the pictures do the talking, click through to see them...

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Creative Minds Session 5

This week saw us exploring the natural environment around us as a stimulus to create. We spent the first half of the session outdoors, starting with a mindful walk and then tuning in to what part of the landscape called out to us, then each following that feeling to create our own, often ephemeral, artwork.

There were things set on fire, the escape and dramatic rescue of a painting almost lost to the water, and some temporary 'graffiti' made with flour and chalk. Have a look at the pictures below. Maybe you will be inspired!

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Creative Minds Session 4

This week we were treated to a print making workshop with Anthea Gage. We learned the basics of inking up found objects to use as prints, as well as carving our own 'Argyll Landscape' designs into polystyrene, and using this to make a print in one or two colours, finally going back to change the design and print again with a third colour in order to build up a layered image. We printed our designs on different colour card, effectively adding a fourth colour, and compared the difference between prints.

Most of the materials for this are easy to come by; you can use polystyrene from old takeaway boxes and we used a blunt pencil to make the impressions for our design. All you need is a roller and some printing paints. Print work can be very messy though, so Anthea provided us all with work stations and pinnies, then we hung our completed prints on washing lines inside Uig Hall to dry. By the end of the session our hands were mucky and the washing lines were heavily laden! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session, in fact, we wouldn't let Anthea go!

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Creative Minds Sessions 2 & 3

Here are some pictures of the artwork being done over sessions 2 & 3. We started with some collaborative partner work, then moved on to some personal work, as well as taking another trip to Historic Kilmun to make charcoal rubbings of headstones and epitaphs we found there. We're all thoroughly enjoying the programme and looking forward to the printing workshop with Anthea Gage in week 4.

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