Creative Minds Session 10

This week was our final artist session! There are now only two more weeks of group work before the programme comes to an end. As you've probably guessed by the picture above, this week we were learning how to knit... No, only kidding! We were visited by Lorna Morrish of Lorna's Handwoven Tapestires, who taught us the delicate art of... well, hand weaving tapestries of course!

And let me tell you; it's a lot harder than it looks in the pictures below! We were learning only the very basics, on a very, very small frame and still we were left with homework at the end of the session. Lorna was kind enough to stay on for extra time and give advice and guidance, as well as show us the yet more complex art of weaving on a large frame. Lorna's passion for her craft was infectious and we all thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, doing our best to create something interesting using only lines and colours. It's funny how sometimes such strict limitations can unlock more creativity.

It struck me that the foundation of the craft is learning how to manage the tension of the threads, after that you can begin to learn how to create sharp edges, and then smooth curves, eventually allowing the artistry to take the fore. If you're inspired by what you see below and want to learn more, the good news is that Lorna is running a series of workshops starting in September at the Burgh Hall.

Toward the end of our session, we were encouraged to reflect upon our earliest memories of fabric, and it's importance to us. This was a surprisingly evokative exercise and brought up some good, strong memories. Especially, perhaps for those whose earliest memories were of coarse, uncomfortable, unfashionable garments during the post war period. Some of the group went on to create sketches based on their memories, while others returned to unfinished works from previous weeks.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below, and if you scroll down to the bottom, there's some news about our upcoming exhibition!
































Not all creativity comes from the classroom; one of our group brought in some delicious home made scones!







With only two more weeks remaining, the task before us is to organize our work around the themes that have emerged throughout the process, and decide which pieces we'd like to share and which to keep private. In terms of sharing, Dunoon Burgh Hall have kindly offerd us space to exhibit in their cafe area, and we hope to have something on display before the middle of September. So keep your eye on this blog, or on our Facebook Page, to stay informed!