Creative Minds Session 1

Last week saw the first of our 'Creative Minds' art therapy workshops. The glorious weather of the past few weeks was superseded by high winds and stormy weather, there were fallen trees in the road, delays on the trains, and the Argyll ferry wasn't running. So I was pleased when everyone managed to get here on time! We met at Historic Kilmun and enjoyed a restorative beverage, a wonderfully informative tour of the site, and some time to reflect on themes of family, identity, death and remembrance - all of which will be used as a springboard for the therapeutic practice over the next 12 weeks.

We then adjourned to Uig Hall, where Jim King led a thoroughly entertaining percussion workshop, with the most varied collection of drums I've ever seen! How's that for experiencing your local heritage in new and unexpected ways? Albeit with the assistance of instruments from our neighbours in Ireland, and as far afield as Africa.

Now, these groups are a closed therapy session, so I can't go into detail about the content, but here are some pictures to help convey the atmosphere.